When you call us, we make sure to give you the most competitive, most reliable, and valuable service for your money.

We strive for excellence and want only to please you, the customer, and make sure you are pleased with the services provided to you.  We strive to have the most competitive prices compared to other companies and individuals. If you get an estimate from us and feel it is too high, please call us, as we will do whatever we can to make it more manageable for you. We will match and take an additional 5% off any competitors price! Cant really afford a big payment upfront? Thats okay, we will work with you and set up a payment plan. Only have a credit card? No problem! Each one of our service techs has a mobile card reader through paypal which you can use to pay. Paypal is a very secure way to pay, and accepts all major credit cards. With paypal, you can choose to recieve a text message reciept, or email.

Our Vision.


Hi, My name is Patrick Johnson, Owner of GTFO Powerwashing .  I came up with the idea of this business by simply driving around and noticing how dirty and dingy houses and driveways become.  I noticed algae all over every other house. Stained and darkened concrete from dirt and algae. Asphalt that had lightened over time and had gone from black to grey.  And throughout my life, I have worked for some of the most reputable contractors doing a little bit of everything from cleaning, to sanitizing, to remodeling, to roofing.  I figured why not do it working for myself that way i can provide a stellar service.  


I am detail oriented, and more importantly, I am a perfectionist!  so if the work isnt good enough for me, then its not good enough for anyone else, So I will make sure that it is nothing short of the best!


We want to provide our customers with top quality service at a fraction of the cost. We feel that even though we may take a little loss at the beginning, once you see the quality of our work and workmanship, you will call us back for all of your needs going forward.. and thats where we make up for that loss upfront.. we dont just want one time customers! We want lifetime customers!

Company Profile.


We provide top notch services at drastically reduced prices compared to our competitors.  We try to have the lowest prices around and most of the time will throw in some stuff free of charge.  Unlike some other companies, we are able to take credit and debit cards on location with our mobile card readers. If you need the work done but cant afford to pay in one shot, call patrick and he will wor with you.  We are here for you, to please you and make sure you are getting your monies worth.  


We have tons of references available, We are trustworthy, honest, dependable, reliable and will do all we can to assist in any way possible. schedule your free quote today!