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brick mailbox before and after being pressure washed
Sidewalk before and after being pressure washed

In the pictures shown above we used our typical pressure washing method.


The thing that sets GTFO Powerwashing apart from most of our competition is the fact that even when we pressure wash, we still  take the extra steps to ensure the absolute best results. First, we pre-treat the surface prior to washing to break down the organic growth & help minimize the amount of high pressure used. Once we have pre-treated and washed the surface, we then post treat the surface as well to minimize and slow down the regrowth of the mildew or algae.  The pre and post treatments we use is a proprietary mixture of our active ingredient (neutralizer), surfactants, and scent.


Anyone can pressure wash, but someone without the proper knowledge, equipment, and continued education can do serious damage to your property. That being said, we are not the cheapest (there are always those $99 guys with a residential grade pressure washer). I'm not talking down on those guys at all, as that's exactly where I started. However, as quickly as I could, I made sure to keep reinvesting in myself and my business. I made sure to get insured immediately, as well as getting legal, learning and following environmental and local laws and codes, learning the ins and outs of the industry, and attending as many events, trade shows, training events, classes, and meet and greets about the industry as possible. The knowledge we now posses regarding exterior cleaning and restoration is amongst the best.


We at GTFO Powerwashing & Soft Washing want to make sure you (the customer), are happy with the quality of work provided to you and thats why we go to such great lengths to make sure the job is done the right way using the proper methods. 


If you take a look at the video above,  you will see how we at GTFO Powerwashing were able to take this dirty, mildew stained wall and make it shine as if it had been freshly painted.  The method we used to clean this wall is  called Soft Washing. 

Soft washing is a low pressure wash method that uses a combination of cleaners, surfactants, and scents mixed with water. The mixture neutralizes organic growth which is then rinsed off with a low pressure rinse of water (roughly the same pressure you can expect to  from your garden hose).

*SIDE NOTE -  The owner of this particular property asked for a quote to wash the side of this building to prep for painting.  I went and washed the building, when they arrived the next day at their office, they were amazed at how it looked. They realized it didn't need to be painted after all. They thanked me for being able to get it so nice looking,  saving them the hassle and money of having to repaint it.

before and after of rust removal on concrete
Before and after of rust removal from brick wall

When calling on GTFO Powerwashing & Soft Washing, you will quickly come to realize that we are very knowledgable on many things aside from just pressure washing. To better illustrate, check out the pictures above to see how we are able to safely remove rust stains from surfaces and return them to  a like-new condition. We have included a few examples of our work above.  We use specially formulated cleaning agents for removing many different stains. Besides rust stain removal, we can also tackle other hard to remove stains and deposits such as efflorescence, lime, calcium, irrigation stains, red clay, and much more.

The rust shown in the pictures above on the left were cause by exposed rebar in the seam of the concrete, where as the pictures shown on the right, the rust stain was caused by the drain for the central A/C.

Metal roof before and after soft washing

Our low pressure / No pressure roof cleaning involves a very low pressure (not much more than a typical garden hose).

Roof cleaning actually uses the Soft Wash method as well.  The difference between your typical soft washing and roof cleaning, is the difference in the percentage of our cleaning agents, surfactants, and scents.

When hiring GTFO Powerwashing for roof cleaning or any other cleaning, we take every precaution to protect your property. When it comes to roof cleaning in particular, we wet all grass and plants around the drip edge of the roof.  For sensitive plants or whenever necessary, we will cover them with plastic. Regardless if we use plastic or not, when we are done cleaning the roof  we will wet down the entire area and spray with a neutralizer to avoid any potential of harming any plants or grass.

In most cases, we don’t even have to leave the ground to clean a roof. If we do have to actually step foot on your roof it will usually be because there are awkward angles, obstacles, or roof pitches.  If it is necessary however, we will get on the roof to make sure the work gets completed properly and fully, and safely. GTFO Powerwashing is fully insured!

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