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All warranties are limited to products' manufacturer warranties, no other implied or expressed warranties shall apply, unless otherwise stated.

"We" & "Us" shall refer to GTFO Powerwashing, its' employees, and our associates. 

If at any time while your receiving our services, you have any concerns regarding our work, please notify us immediately so we can address the issue
and rectify any situation immediately.

We strive to provide you with professional, quality service. You as the property manager or home owner need to help us provide you with the highest level of service.

Surfaces that are scheduled to be cleaned must be free and clear of any and all obstructions. Vehicles, atvs, grills, furniture, chairs, planters or any other obstacles must be moved in order for that particular area to be cleaned. If we are unable to get to your designated area and no one can move those items, your appointment will be rescheduled. We will not be held responsible for storage or damage to personal property that we have to move in order to clean. An assessed fee will be billed per item that we have to move. The fees associated can range from $5.00 to $50.00 per item depending on weight, size, and difficulty.

It is the homeowners' responsibility to make sure all windows and doors are closed tightly prior to any work being started. We will not be held liable for any type of water intrusion.
We would like for you make us aware of any outdoor fixtures, lights, cameras, ornamental or decorative items in poor shape.

We also ask that you wet landscape & plants around area that is to be cleaned, 24 hours prior to being cleaned. We will not be held responsible for damage to landscape, shrubs, grass, or ornamental landscape plants. We will take every precaution to limit any damage to existing plant life.

We are not responsible for any faulty water outlets, electrical outlets, electrical devices or any preexisting water bib issues. 
We will take every precaution to prevent such occurrences such as prepping our work area with tape, plastics & other protective materials. 

We require the use of water and sometimes electric from your residence to compete the job, by signing you agree to those terms. 

While safety is a main concern for your family and our employees, while we are on site, it is your responsibility to keep all children, pets, visitors off of surfaces to be cleaned while cleaning is being performed, and afterwards for a time not less than 24 hours. 

Oxidation is damaged paint. In some cases, it can be removed partially or all together. When paint has deteriorated to this point and we clean it, it can leave a blotchy or spotty appearance. Some spots will come clean and others will not depending on the level of oxidation. There are more labor-intensive methods to remove these leftover spots, this is an additional service with labor charges. 

We strive to achieve your desired outcome for a finished product. When applying stain or sealer or other type of surface treatments the color, shades, and tone of color can vary greatly depending on the different types of wood, or concrete. We want you to be happy with our work, be aware that some variance in color should be expected. 

In aluminum and some vinyl siding the sun and weather will bleach the color and will cause fading and chalking. Power washing involves the removal of chalky gritty surfaces and may cause the faded surface to stand out. The outcome will be determined by the condition of your siding, vinyl or fascia prior to any work.  

There are a variety of stains that just will not come out. We will make every attempt to clean your surface to reach the desired outcome. We will look for these types of stains prior to starting work. Some of the toughest stains are tree sap, artillery fungus, other types of fungus, oil spills or oil-based products, and paint. Artillery fungus cannot be removed with washing, It must be scraped. If you would like this service it is an additional service. Rust stains and restoration of wood surfaces are add-on services to our normal pressure washing service.


GTFO Powerwashing and its affiliates or employees are not responsible for damages for improperly installed siding, loose shingles, broken or loose-fitting windows or doors. Wood rot or chipped or failing paint, defective construction, improperly sealed windows, doors, unsecured wiring, loosely or improperly installed gutters, or failed caulking.  Also, water infiltration due to poor upkeep or maintenance, any construction defect or other defect that could allow water intrusion in to the home. Any decorative artwork, advertising, logos, holiday decorations, or exterior furniture that can have a negative reaction to bleach, or other chemicals causing discoloration, oxidation, or deterioration need to be moved, removed, or if permanent or semi permanent need to be brought to the attention of GTFO Powerwashing at time of estimate.  GTFO Powerwashing and or its associates are not responsible for any damages to these items, but will take every precaution to protect them . It is the responsibility of the homeowner, property manager or point of contact to inform GTFO Powerwashing and or its associates of any special care necessary to clean these items or any item that is not or may not be found in some or most circumstances. Vinyl Graphics if installed improperly or are aged may be susceptible to fading, streaking or other damages.

Windows can become spotted from the water we use, we do not clean windows and are not responsible to remove water spots. That is an extra service with an additional charge.

All payments are due at time of services, unless otherwise stated in contract. Late fees will be assessed immediately on all balances not paid in full by due date in contract.


Customer agrees to pay any and all fees associated with collection of past due payment. 
Check, cash, or credit card are all acceptable forms of payment. 


We try to maintain a schedule as we are an outside service company and sometimes mother nature has her own agenda. We do rely on weather for optimal outcomes and our productivity. At times we will have to delay our services and or reschedule due to weather conditions. We will notify you as soon as possible if there’s a schedule conflict due to weather. 

This is a legally binding document and by signing any estimate written by GTFO Powerwashing or its associates, you agree to all terms and conditions as described above.

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